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Simple Bookmark3.0
Feb 9th 2020
  • fixes and refurbishments all over
  • added styling/layout and localization options to class
  • dropped showForm method - no longer needed, can all be done with showLink
  • mysqli support
  • PHP7.4+ support
  • enhanced ajax bookmarking
  • added (bootstrap) notifications
  • new demo and manual
Simple Bookmark2.5
Aug 1st 2013
  • Works with JQuery 1.10.2 and with Jquery 1.4.2 as well
  • added COOKIE Support
Simple Bookmark2.0
May 11th 2013
  • AJAX Support
  • works furthermore without javascript too
  • Adding bookmarks without page loading form the form or the link-version
  • Possibility to remove bookmarks without page loading
  • Added a jump-to-bookmark function (select options)
Simple Bookmark1.1
Feb 12th 2010
  • Small fixes in the manual and helpfile
  • Possibility to get an overview of all bookmarks of all users
  • Function to display how many a single page is bookmarked
  • Added possibility to use a link for bookmarking instead of the form
Simple Bookmark1.0
Jan 6th 2010
  • initial release